Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace set out the terms on which you provide a marketplace for sellers to sell and buyers to buy products.

The products covered by the Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace may be goods, services or digital content.

If you wish to sell your own products online, use the Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products instead.

The Terms and Conditions for Online Marketplace only govern the terms of providing a marketplace. You may also need to use the Terms of Use to set out how your site or applications may be used, and a Privacy Policy to explain how personal data is collected and processed.

Key points included

  • Information about you and how users may contact you;
  • Terms and conditions that will apply to sellers on the marketplace;
  • Terms and conditions that will apply to buyers on the marketplace;
  • Responsibility with regard to contents provided by users;
  • Rights of buyers and sellers to terminate a contract; and
  • What your responsibility is for any loss or damage suffered by a user.